3D/Virtual Reality Center

The 3D/VR Center at the Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology is one of only six Interactive Digital Centers in the world.  Specializing in the design, development and implementation of 3D/Virtual Reality business solutions for sales, marketing, training, trade show presentations and other applications, the center works with business and industry to develop immersive and interactive customer/employee experiences. The center employs state-of-the-art technologies to build innovative applications shared in a dynamic and hands-on fashion.

Main Showroom Display of 3-D Engine

The 3D/VR Center can create products that revolutionize product content management by creating digitized product replicas that are “smart” thus allowing companies to interactively and visually demonstrate, configure, plan and support their products, process and information.

The Interactive Digital Center (IDC)

The Interactive Digital Center (IDC) will enable companies to present 3D interactive simulations that can be used to create sales and marketing presentations, training applications and proof of concept.  Simply put, an IDC creates digitized product replicas that are “smart” thus allowing companies to interactively and visually configure, demonstrate, plan and support their products.  Once the digital replicas are created, companies can also publish them on a PC, CD-ROM, online or even on a stereoscopic, immersive, large screen display.

The focus of the Interactive Digital Center would include vehicle/transportation, industrial, retail, architectural, construction, computer and electronics, education and defense.  Industries related to these focus areas are currently undergoing what is probably the most powerful structural change since the introduction of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design) technologies.  This structural change is due to the introduction of new and improved Interactive Product Content Management (ICPM) technologies

Interactive Product Content Management (IPCM) addresses the issue and assists a broad range of companies over many industry sectors to gain maximum benefit from existing documents, especially 2D and 3D graphic assets.  The flexibility and development systems provided with IPCM enables safe implementation without the concern of changing needs and new format output requirements.   IPCM enables novice users to access corporate information typically restricted to experts within the engineering and design departments which can now be used in marketing presentations, technical presentations and on-line catalogs.  In a nutshell, companies now with IPCM are able to re-use existing 3D documents to create smart digitized product content that brings 2D and 3D CAD data to life.  This enables them to interact visually, configure, demonstrate, plan and train and support products. 

Main Showroom Display of 3-D Engine